Cleaning Stations

Every day thousands of transportation companies move food, feed or chemical products by tank-silo or tank containers. These companies have to comply with increasingly strict legal provisions to be able to carry such products. Internal tank cleaning is essential and in many cases is mandatory to prevent contamination.

How do you know if your tank has had a certified cleaning?

Only those tank cleaning companies for internal cleaning of tank-silo or tank containers, which are members of the EFTCO (European Federation of Tank-cleaning Organisations) are authorised to issue an ECD (European Cleaning Document) after cleaning. This ECD is proof that the tank has been cleaned in accordance with the established European rules.

Tank-Silo Tank container cleaning companies

The Tankcargo database includes details of cleaning companies in Europe, both certified and uncertified, so that wherever you are you can have your tank-silo or tank container cleaned by the nearest cleaning company.

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