Discover the Tankcargo platform for tank and bulk freight

Today’s client demands quality, sustainability, efficiency and good pricing, and insists on specific solutions and a varied fleet. All this requires a broad and innovative view of logistic services. That’s why Tankcargo has developed a robust and flexible software system which optimises your transportation process. Read more »


Today’s shippers and carriers care about efficiency and costs, requiring tailor-made, smart and combined transport solutions. All this necessitates a broad and innovative view of logistic services.


 Many carriers, shippers and tank-silo cleaning companies use our platform every day. The platform encompasses principals who serve their clients from A to Z to every possible destination in Europe and abroad by transporting liquids and bulk cargoes.

Cleaning stations

Every day thousands of transportation companies move food, feed or chemical products by tank-silo or tank containers. These companies have to comply with increasingly strict legal provisions to be able to carry such products. Internal tank cleaning is essential and in many cases is mandatory to prevent contamination.

Tankcargo has developed a robust software system which will optimise your transportation process and save money immediately. The system is efficient, flexible, reliable and geared towards expanding your network in your operational area.

Fully integrated software solution for the tank and bulk transportation sector

Tankcargo uses a unique method to combine a very extensive logistical network for liquids and bulk freight (transportation) companies with a wide range of shippers, carriers and tank-cleaning companies, resulting in fewer empty journeys, higher utilisation and a higher return per kilometre.

Bringing logistical parties together

The platform facilitates establishing contacts and exchanging loads and services, with the intention of expanding your network within your operational area.

Our database encompasses:

  • Shippers: Register your own freight and find carriers
  • Carriers: Register your empty vehicle, or your surplus liquids and/or bulk loads
  • Tank cleaning companies: Search for available cleaning companies for your tank or silo on your selected route, or register your cleaning station